Carlos Castellanos Awarded Research Fellowship at Colombian University

Carlos Castellanos, Assistant Professor in the Department of Art’s Digital/Experimental Media Program has been awarded a Research Design + Creation Fellowship at the Universidad de Caldas in Manizales, Colombia as part of the 23rd International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2017).

The research will focus on the use of sound to investigate the bioelectric and behavioral patterns of microorganisms. Castellanos will take up residency at the university and will work with students to design and build a hybrid biological-electronic system wherein variations in electrical potential from an array of microbial fuel cells are translated into rhythmic, amplitude and frequency modulations in modular electronic and software-based sound synthesizers. The research combine renewable energy technology, machine learning, sound and and public engagement and will culminate in a public demonstration and exhibition/performance during the week of the festival (June 11-18).

Universidad de Caldas

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DX Media Lab at ISEA 2015

The DX Media Lab will be well-represented at the prestigious International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA). Happening in Vancouver, BC this year, the symposium features interactive art exhibits, academic talks, workshops and more. DX Media Lab co-director Carlos Castellanos and his group DPrime Research will exhibit Mobile Bioenergy Lab (as part of the Oscillations exhibition) and run a workshop on constructing microbial fuel cells. Professor Castellanos and fellow DX Media Lab co-diretor Matt Garcia will also take part in a panel dicsussion on art, ecology and nonhuman systems. Hope to see you there!