feature one

Prairie Requiem

Prairie Requiem is a performance project engaging the world most endangered ecological system - the tall grass prairie.

feature two

Mobile Bioenergy Lab

Mobile Bioenergy Lab is a creative research laboratory for experimentation with emerging bioenergy technologies. MBL consists of a mobile, trailer-mounted community research laboratory that invites citizens to explore the creative uses of bioenergy technologies.

feature three

Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous

DX Media Lab is the host for the K-State chapter of the Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous, an international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations with an audience.


LASER Talk December 1st


Generative Art and Computational Creativity

Our next Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) is this Thursday December 1, 5:30pm at the Beach Museum.

This month’s event will feature special guest speaker Philippe Pasquier. Dr. Pasquier is an associate professor in the School…